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Fumigation Services

Our fumigation services are performed in compliance with the International Standard and Academic Research. We are always ready to provide the qualified fumigation services either at the customer’s area or at ours.

  • Onboard Fumigation Services: The IMO Standards have been applied in our onboard fumigation services which we can offer to fumigate in any vessel’s sizes and also any shipping routes for both import and export cargos.
  • Container Fumigation Services: Apart of being approved by DOA, Thailand for fumigation services and certified by AFAS for compliance with the fumigation standard of Australia; we are also approved for ‘Offshore Methyl Bromide Treatment Providers’ for any import shipment from Thailand to Australia. Consequently, we can issue the fumigation certificate as a reference of Phytosanitary certificate to ship goods to Australia or any other destinations globally.
  • Stack and Bulk Fumigation Services: We pay close attention to every step in agricultural product fumigation from setting up the enclosure, calculating dosage, determining exposure time and ventilation. Every step is carried out according to the standard and regulations of Department of Agriculture. Whether the fumigation is for storage or quarantine, you can be sure that your product will be completely disinfested without any damage.
  • Silo Fumigation Services: Our expertise fumigation service can be served for every size and any types of silo either they are concrete silo or steel silos or else. In order to provide you a peace of mind and ensure insect-pest free condition in our client’s silos, our fumigation services will strictly follow the procedures and technical tactics especially, the LOW AIR FLOW RECIRCULATION TECHNOLOGY which can distribute and arrange gas concentration in the silo efficiently.
  • Warehouse Fumigation Services: Fumigation and pest control of cargoes within a warehouse is not only beneficial for protecting the goods in storage, but also preventing cross infestation to other warehouses during the logistics operation. So the effective fumigation of grain storage can safeguard the supply chains as well as food chains; no matter in bagged, bulk or stack under tarpaulin sheets. SGT is ready to provide the fumigation and pest control in your warehouses to protect and maintain the quality of the commodities therein.
  • Carbon Dioxide Treatment for organic product: We are one of the pioneers in applying Carbon Dioxide as non toxic chemical to fumigate the organic commodities in Thailand. CO2 treatment effectively eliminates insects without leaving any toxic chemical residues. During treatments, we closely monitor and control the CO2 concentration level to make sure that it is maintained above the FAO recommended standard value.

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