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Foreword by Managing Director

SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. established the long outstanding reputation as superintendent and fumigator in Thailand for more than a decade. The way we conduct ourselves to our valuable customers, clients, business partners and each other is essential both to our personality and to ensuring the effectiveness of the operation of the SGT Service (Thailand).

Our core values -integrity and Ethic, Independence and Impartiality, Fairness and Respect, and Environmental Responsibility reflected the relationship between organization and our respected customers. With our reinforcement of unity and cohesion, our company finally reached the first “Code of conduct” as the requirement standard of the International  Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA) in October 2010.

As one of the Thailand’s leading superintendent, it is important that we all operate to the highest standards of conduct. The way we do and how we behave as individuals obviously stand up to customer expectation.

The code of conduct sets the standards for the way we do our work and support us to maintain our good reputation. This helps to guide us as principles and rules for the company upon the aim of growth and development along with relationships and trust of clients.

Accordingly, all of our employees must perform with the code of conduct and actively sustain its principles and rules to preserve and enhance the company reputation as a socially responsible corporation. The whole organization is responsible to follow the compliance as the vital point of our business process.

As the result, we consider that any violation that breaking any part of the Code of Conduct rules is a serious matter which finally damage to our renown.

While the principles by which we conduct our behavior remain constant, the environment we work constantly changes. To insist in our standard, I therefore urge you to refresh your understanding of the Code of Conduct by carefully read, learn and implement the Code of Ethics principles and rules. Please keep it for reference.

Kulsiyanee Chansomboon
Managing Director

Good customer service team and well follow up on requests.”

Khun Chayanyuth Phumphaiudom, Asia Golden Rice Co., Ltd.

“Good Service provider, every staffs who serving us at sites is friendly and polite.” 

Khun Theeratham Thawnawk, Perfect Companion Group Co., Ltd.

“No comment, working with SGT is very good all works run smoothly.”

Khun Krisanat, Thawatchai Inter Rice Co., Ltd.

“Both salesperson and administration officers have provided us good services, great advices and deliver service so quickly. Wishing your good services all the way.

Khun Pornthipa Pholyeam, Jack Hua Co., Ltd.

“Contact person is really nice and handfulness.”

Khun Yuradar Tubthong, Thai Hansa Welding Electrodes Co., Ltd.
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