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SGT’s core Values are

1. Integrity and Ethics
– We conduct with honesty and fairness to all clients.
– We keep our promise on our services/ follow through the contract.
– Every operation will perform with standard procedure.
– Preserve confidentiality of business and personal information of all customers.
– Respect to nature of customer’s tradition and condition.
– Training on health and safety regularly arrange at least twice a year.

2. Impartiality and Independence
– We are professional independence organization which present unbiased
– The results of our report are carefully recorded with accuracy and reliability via
our certified staffs.

3. Fairness and Respect
– All customers will treat equally
– We respect to all customer requirement and try to maximize satisfaction by
deliver reliable services.
– We are the organization that never concern with discrimination on the basis of
nationality, ethnic, religious and political beliefs.

4. Environment Responsibility
– As the organization concern with chemical, we aware of the impact cause from
our activities to community.
– We cooperate to policy of Department of Agriculture of Thailand to reduce
fumigant that effect to environment.

The Principles

1. Integrity

SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. operates in a professional, independent and impartial  manner in all its activities.  SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. carries out its work honestly and shall not tolerate any  deviation from its approved methods and procedures. Where approved test methods make provision for tolerances in results, the Member shall ensure that such tolerances are not  abused to alter the actual test findings.

SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. reports data, test results and other material facts in good faith and shall not improperly change them, and shall only issue reports and certificates that correctly present the actual findings, professional opinions or results obtained.

2. Conflicts of interest

SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. avoids conflicts of interest with any related entity in which it has a financial or commercial interest and to which it is required to provide services. SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. avoids conflicts of interest between the Member’s companies and/or divisions engaged in different activities but which may be providing services to either the same client or each other. SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. ensures that its employees avoid conflicts of interest with the activities of the company.

3. Confidentiality

SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. treats all information received in the course of the provision of its services as business confidential to the extent that such information is not already published, generally available to third parties or otherwise in the public domain.

4. Anti-bribery

SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. prohibits the offer or acceptance of a bribe in any form, including kickbacks on any portion of a contract payment. SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. prohibit the use of any routes or channels for provision of improper benefits to, or receipt of improper benefits from, customers, agents, contractors, suppliers, or employees of any such party, or government officials.

5. Fair marketing

SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. only presents itself and conduct marketing, including any comparisons with or references to competitors or their services, in a manner that is truthful and not deceptive or misleading or likely to mislead.

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Agricultural Inspection Services

SGT Agricultural Inspection Services were led by our independent policy which has intended to indicate the fact and certify the truth in order to contribute our clients and all concerned or related parties’s business transactions in fair due basis. Besides, our experienced inspectors have also provided their services with fair and honest in accordance with the regulations of Department of Foreign Trade (DFT), Ministry of Commerce, Thailand, Department of Agriculture (DOA), Ministry of Agricultural and Cooperatives, Thailand and the Board of Investment (BOI).

Apart of being certified for ISO 9001:2015, SGT Service (Thailand) has also been a member of IFIA and GAFTA, the high reputation world class institutions which have the international standard for both inspection and fumigation services. Our clients are always assured and confident that they will receive the best inspection services from us in every shipment.

To reduce your risks of importing and exporting business, our recommended SGT Inspection Service Package are available to suit your needs

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Foreword by Managing Director

SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. established the long outstanding reputation as superintendent and fumigator in Thailand for more than a decade. The way we conduct ourselves to our valuable customers, clients, business partners and each other is essential both to our personality and to ensuring the effectiveness of the operation of the SGT Service (Thailand).

Our core values -integrity and Ethic, Independence and Impartiality, Fairness and Respect, and Environmental Responsibility reflected the relationship between organization and our respected customers. With our reinforcement of unity and cohesion, our company finally reached the first “Code of conduct” as the requirement standard of the International  Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA) in October 2010.

As one of the Thailand’s leading superintendent, it is important that we all operate to the highest standards of conduct. The way we do and how we behave as individuals obviously stand up to customer expectation.

The code of conduct sets the standards for the way we do our work and support us to maintain our good reputation. This helps to guide us as principles and rules for the company upon the aim of growth and development along with relationships and trust of clients.

Accordingly, all of our employees must perform with the code of conduct and actively sustain its principles and rules to preserve and enhance the company reputation as a socially responsible corporation. The whole organization is responsible to follow the compliance as the vital point of our business process.

As the result, we consider that any violation that breaking any part of the Code of Conduct rules is a serious matter which finally damage to our renown.

While the principles by which we conduct our behavior remain constant, the environment we work constantly changes. To insist in our standard, I therefore urge you to refresh your understanding of the Code of Conduct by carefully read, learn and implement the Code of Ethics principles and rules. Please keep it for reference.

Kulsiyanee Chansomboon
Managing Director

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Certificates & Membership

  • GAFTA (The Grain and Feed Trade Association): GAFTA has been set out to promote international trade and protect the interests of its members especially for grains and feed trading. Their activities have been included for definition and regulation of quality standards, weighing rules, sampling, analysis and insurance. By which SGT is one of the approved superintendent of GAFTA, so we can issue Certificate of Quality for Grain and Feed both import and export from Thailand.


  • IFIA (International Federation of Inspection Agencies): We are also the first and only one Thai Superintendent Company that has joined the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA), as their member, whose certification is accepted worldwide and has set up the working standard for IFIA members. By which it is highlighted on occupational behavior’s standard, code of ethics and fairness in serving customer; this is our core value for SGT team as well.


  • AFAS (Australian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme): SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd has been certified as Offshore Methyl Bromide Treatment Provider in Thailand for AFAS (Australian Fumigation Accreditation scheme), Australia which is regulated and controlled by Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF). We then can provide fumigation service as per standard of importing countries like Australia. By which our qualified fumigators have also passed the training both the international standards and Department of Agriculture, Thailand standard as well.
  • ISO 9000:2015 System Standard for Quality Management: Apart of being certified for trade regulations and associations, SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd has also well aware on the importance of Quality Management’s Principles. We have been certified for ISO 9000:2008 and up to presently as ISO9001-2015.


  • ISO/IEC 17020 Regulation Standard for Inspection Body: To level up the standard of our inspection services, SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd has been certified for ISO/IEC 17020 by The National Standardization Council for BOI inspection service which has not only represented the fairness and competences but also the management system to monitor internal inspection body to perform in the effective and efficiency way.


  • IPPC & ISPM No. 15: The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) has been approved by The FAO (The Council of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) in order to secure effective action and prevent the spread and introduction of pests of plants and plant products and to promote measures for their control. By which ISPM No. 15 is regulated by IPPC to describe globally the accepted Phytosanitary measurement to manage the risk of pests associated with wood packaging material, in use international trade.


SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd has foreseen the important role of supplying wood packing which has sufficient processing or treatment to remove or kill pests. By which we can supplied wooden pallet with IPPC symbol mark.

  • Motor Vehicle Inspection Program (MVIP) for exporting to Australia: In 2009 the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and the Thai Department of Agriculture (DOA) signed an agreement on the Motor Vehicle Inspection Program (MVIP) which was designed to facilitate the inspection and certification of new vehicles sent from Thailand to Australia. When biosecurity risk material is detected on new vehicles arriving in Australia, they are ordered into biosecurity control and sent for treatment. The common biosecurity contamination of new vehicles includes weed seeds, dried leaves, soil, insects and bird droppings.

SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd is an accredited inspector to ensure new vehicles are being inspected in a manner consistent with the department’s standards.