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Aluminium Phosphide 56% Agrophos

Detail :

Used to eliminate plant insect pests that damage agricultural products after harvest, as well as processed foods, stored products, export containers, wooden furniture, wicker products, rice, corn, seeds, spices, herbs, animal feed, fishmeal, coffee, tobacco, and more.

Product Details:
Chemical Group: Inorganic
Active Ingredient: Aluminium phosphide 56% TB
Manufacturer: China
Packaging Size: 1 carton contains 14 cans, each can contains 500 tablets (1,500 grams)

Key Characteristics:
• Colorless gas with a faint odor resembling garlic, having a molecular weight of 34.1, which is 1.2 times heavier than air, and boiling at 87.4°C.
• Dissolves in water to about 26% (by volume at 17°C). Highly concentrated phosphine gas can explode when ignited.
• Reacts with metals such as gold, brass, and silver.
• Highly toxic to insects and warm-blooded animals.
• Ceiling concentration 0.3 ppm
• No residual toxicity.

** All lots of the product have undergone inspection by the Department of Agriculture